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About Us

"Before you enter mediation, success may be only up to you. Do not be deceived. Back-dealing of the legal profession is real. Your mediation results may have already been decided by the lawyers and mediator before mediation. Protect yourself. Know your rights. And leave at the first indication of manipulation.
— J.C.

"Knowing to be aware of the manipulation and abuse possible in mediation impacted how I allowed my lawyer to act on my behalf. After being told that the initial document would not be binding and I should sign, I said "NO". SMA helped me to be aware.  Thank you, SMA!
—Kristy C.

Our Mission

Instilling awareness about the reality of mediation and aiming to educate the "common man" on the true environment of mediation, we aim to minimize the abuse tactics of lawyers and mediators on the average person through knowledge and support of the public whilst working towards required defined rules above guidelines in the mediation process.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To create a knowledgeable public, awareness of the problems with mediation must be publicized. Mediation can be forced. We look to build a community of individuals and their stories that champion change and increase regulation in mediation and in the legal community.

As a For-Profit Organization, We enjoy the freedom of lobbying and advocating for our cause without limitations found in Non-profit organizations.

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