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Press Release Document Reference. October 2019


1. Zucker Memo to Meigs aka Confession Email with Half-truths, Self-serving statements, Victim-blaming, and Threats

2. Evolutionary Changes to Confession Email written by others not at mediation. Yellow Highlights for Emphasis. Red Highlights for Inaccuracies

3. Zucker tells Bohreer to hide Meigs claims and let Bergman handle Meigs at mediation

4. Deposition of Johnston with Sections showing Extensive Failures of Frankfort. Poss reason for Mediation Abuse. Note that Brady's

Retainer check dated 7.28.15 occurs months after contracts discussed in deposition possibly indicating Frankfort as author and advisor to Johnston

5. Frankfort contacts Bergman as mediator directly and through personal email.

6. Frankfort still allowed to dual represent

7. Meigs unseen claims. Mediation memorandum sent to Bergman with Highlights

8. Three Versions of Mediation Agreements with Highlights. One draft hidden original. One draft purported true and One printed version.forgery

9. Possible Reason for Bergman to Manipulate Mediation. Need of business.

10. Remedies not available. Evans and Zucker discussion. Known Meigs could revoke agreement without litigation and kept secret.

11. Abandoned Meigs. Lawyers decide to withdraw in November 2015 but control situation and do not leave until March/April 2016

12. Causes. Numbers. Courts.

13. Gamble and Bergman share same Mediation Facility after Gamble dismissed lawsuit against Bergman

14. Zucker case appears to have COURT CLERK TAMPERING possibly leading to Zucker case dismissal

15. Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators

16. Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers

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