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Deceiving Desperate Women and Children: The Follow-up to "The Two-Edge Sword of Document Tampering"

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

What is required for the public to obtain fair justice in courts? How many children must be forced into dangerous homes, how much bias occurs in divorce cases, and how many crimes against innocent people go untouched due to the ability to give favors and money to the corrupt judges and from the threatening of decent lawyers and judges? Such claims of corruption arise consistently on internet searches. Noted on Facebook site: @WomenAgainstLegalAbuse ,such atrocities reach all counties.

This year's commotion at the Capital demonstrates the growing unrest of the public, and the drastic and inappropriate methods used to highlight frustration and helplessness for what is occurring in our courts. Many protestors that day did not break into the Capital, create damage, or illicit concern. Those individuals can be seen before such horrendous actions took place. If so very many people remain concerned, should the current government address their concerns and do so visibly in the news? Have they?

With evidence of corruption, document tampering and Quid Pro Quo, (Page 97) to exist in Texas, to whom does the public turn? Can the public seek help from the lawyers, who remain friends of corrupt lawyers, or are these lawyers and judges bound from fear or fraternal bonds? If so, then where does the public turn?

Does law enforcement require a high-dollar volume loss before investigating a case? Some say that they do. Yet, law enforcement remains the wall that protects citizens from corrupt lawyers as the State Bar cannot be depended upon as expressed by many. When law enforcement cracks down on every level of corruption in our courts from clerks to Texas Supreme Court Judges, they also protect our government and who becomes available for Representatives, Congressman, and President. Thus, law enforcement becomes the foundation of the direction of this great county by prosecuting the corrupt and eliminating them from office or potential for office. No government should allow criminals to run the country in any facet whether that criminal breaks into the Capital or disrupts the due process of courts for self-serving, personal advantages.

At present, the issue of manipulating court documents by the court mentioned in the earlier article, "The Two-Edge Sword of Document Tampering in Harris County Courts" remains unanswered. The ability of the court clerk to reign with full control over documents submitted to the court creates bias to the highest bidder over righteousness and justice. Hiding such manipulation of those documents in court defines corruption and devastates the futures of innocent children, those divorcing, various victims and other civil cases. No one is safe. Money talks instead of justice. This must stop. Exposure and Action Required.

Read Meigs' Letter to the Court regarding filing on time on the same day as dismissal, and read "Motion for Reinstatement" and "Letter to the Court" that addresses document tampering. Until the courts lose the ability to keep a document from being seen and thus acted upon to prevent dismissal, bias and corruption go unchecked. Correcting the document and retaining the original date must coincide with allowing the document to be viewed immediately on the court record. The court preventing seeing a document, as can be done now, allows the court to control the outcome of a case and to dismiss for not responding to a document never seen due to court withholding. Preventing the timely view of a document stops the voice of the victim and garnishes power to manipulation and corruption. Controlling documents in courts harms women and children.

Knowledge protects.

Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect the public.

Spread the word.

Wendy Meigs, RPh MBA (Stop Mediation Abuse: Education and Support)

Women Against Legal Abuse (@WomenAgainstLegalAbuse)(Non-Profit)

Below documents used to identify manipulation by the court itself in creating bias and wrongfully dismissing a case to protect a fellow lawyer:

Written the same day as the court dismissed the case after the letter from the opposing side stated that Meigs did not file on time when she did. Facts shown.

. Letter TO Court that Meigs m

Pages towards the end of the document show facts and data.

.Motion to Reinstate Case with

Addresses that the court can hold any document for any time frame without notice to the opposing side to respond and thus leads to dismissal of case without due process.

2021.04.28.Letter TO court.dated
Download CONCERN • 589KB

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