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Fight Against Abuse Created by Judges, Mediators and Lawyers (Examples Included)




Multiple methods exist to protect the public from the dangers experienced within the court system by the abuse and corruption of judges, mediators and lawyers. Possibly due to the "buddy system" and/or the fear of "blacklisting" where the lawyer and his client always lose contributes to the manipulation and devastation of the public in the court system.

When a group of lawyers can call themselves "the fraternity" and the State Bar of Texas fails to squash a group of lawyers and judges who work together for their own good over the needs of citizens of this country, every man, woman, and child in the court system, the State Bar no longer needs participate in any type of regulation of its own. Changes in organization must also occur with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, an organization who also needs the majority to consist of non-legal public citizens in order to prevent bias and fear. The compositional voting/judging membership of this commission must require a majority of non-lawyer members of substantial quota to be able to control the vote in determination of judge, lawyer, and mediator actions with such vote strong enough to remove judges and disbar any of them.

No longer can the public sit back while the State Bar of Texas protects their own with such rampant self-serving actions. NO. The public must step in to protect itself from corruption blinded to those in the State Bar of Texas that allows alcohol and abuse in mediations, that condones the taking of client property heisted by lawyers for payment, that allows an abused and disabled woman to go to jail for failure to pay child support whilst unemployed, that refuses to remove a judge from office who gives a child to a sexually abusive father against CPS recommendations because he can, that lacks capped billing for services such as divorce such that a lawyer can monopolize on the individual's despair to enhance their income, and more stories. When a non-lawyer citizen hears such abuse, no fear prevents them from suspending, disbarring, and criminalizing those actions. Lawyers depend on lawyers, judges and mediators and thus use caution in going against one of their own. True justice can only come from a commission of non-lawyers who do not care about the lawyer buddy-system or the rewards from abusing clients for "the fraternity". The current commission allows abuse and prohibits justice and righteousness.

Judging the judges and lawyers needs to occur by the majority of the non-lawyer public to stop the-good-ole-boy-system, blacklisting and lawyer fear to go against "the fraternity". Those non-lawyer public members of this new commission must include those individuals who filed grievances against lawyers and judges as they hold a personal respect for abuse in the court system and feel motivation to ensure the courts run for the public. See the failure in the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct and one example of why the public must take away the powers of the current commission:

Continuous public exposure, law creation, forced accountability, and reparations to the abused must be pursued. Before attempting exposure, know your rights and liabilities.

  1. Exposure using experience ensures the public knows corruption and abuse exists. Show the facts. Such exposure must be continuous, unyielding, repetitive, and focused. See the example billboard for enhanced exposure to protect the public against mediation abuse, guidelines failed and nothing done by the mediation credentialing association who are useless to the public. Most of us never knew of this corruption until we were abused by the courts. Inform and protect.


An Email with the Billboard Picture

Sent to Inform Those of My Intent to Fight Against Corruption

2. Law Creation: Although removal of corrupt judges assists greatly as happened in the past by a women's political action committee, corrupt lawyers/judges again fill judicial seats. Thus, laws must be created and executed as criminal when broken in order to immediately remove judges and disbar lawyers so as to further protect the public from losses and abuses. Strict guidelines must be created to ensure protections within courts and within mediations.

3. Forced Accountability: Through creation of laws to protect citizens, such laws must include action to force accountability such as suspension, disbarment, and criminal action where needed. Sending a child to a sexually abusive parent against CPS recommendations must be considered a criminal action requiring a criminal jury trial against such judge. Any action taken by a judge or lawyer which indicates abuse of power must be brought before the commission of non-lawyers to judge such abuse. The same commission must wield authority to remove from office, suspend, disbar, and refer to the district attorney for guaranteed criminal trial by a jury only. In order to bypass judge/lawyer prejudice, only a jury trial must be made available to assess the abuse and crimes with no allowance of a judge overruling the jury's determination. In addition, summary judgment and judge overruling the jury's determination cannot be allowed in any legal malpractice case. To further accountability, any judge attempting to allow summary judgment or overruling a jury's determination, will themselves be considered abusing their power and be subject to determination by the commission of non-lawyer members as to removal, suspension, disbarment or other. The time is now for the public to take back the courts.

4. Reparations to the Abused: Due to the "free for all" attitude allowing judges and such to wield any verdict they wish without accountability, those damaged by such abuse should be able to seek rectification for their losses with no statute of limitations through the new commission of non-legals. If the commission finds that the judges/lawyers abused their power in previous litigation, the commission has the right to remove from office, suspend, and disbar. Once found guilty of abuse by the commission, the individual may file suit against the judge/lawyer for abusing their judicial/legal position in civil court and such suit falls under a legal malpractice suit with no statute of limitations where summary judgment is not allowed, sitting judges cannot change the jury's determination and awards, and only a jury will be allowed to hear the case.

5. When we allow corruption to go unchecked as a society, the people must fight harder to suppress existing complacency in forcing accountability for actions by judges, lawyers and mediators. Be creative and join us as we retake the courts for the people and suppress the uncontrolled and unregulated abuses and manipulations by those sworn to protect us. Help us bring back the freedoms that our forefathers and so many now fight and lose their lives. We are a voice! We are voters. We are Many. We demand accountability, protection through laws, and an effective commission of non-legals to motivate fairness and justice in courts instead of the system in place.

Let us know of your successes and failures so we can learn, grow, and be free under a civilized society. Protect Yourself. Protect the Public.

Take Action to Expose Abuse. Forward to Everyone You Know. Exposure Protects.


==All Statements, Opinions, Conclusions and Assumptions are personal opinions and conclusions of Wendy Meigs and do not intend to be assumed as judgment or declarations. Wendy Meigs holds copyright to all statements, conclusions, assumptions and story. © ==

See the failure in accountability of courts and judges. Read the Blogs. See Real Court Documents. Meigs' Lawsuits against Bergman and Zucker were Dismissed. Case Information.


Meigs was told that the lawyers representing Bergman and Zucker as well as Bergman and Zucker are powerful enough to make sure that Meigs would find no one to represent her, that they were influential enough with various individuals in the courts and justice to block her cases from continuing to trial and prevent any law agency from pursing what appears to be clear claims. Meigs experienced additional tactics to force signature to a printed version of the mediation agreement that released liability of all lawyers. Meigs refused.

No one should be above the law. No one should be allowed to obstruct justice through influencing anyone. The public needs to be aware that justice system/courts may consider some individuals too high to fall while they dismiss valid claims by the public and force the public to be accountable whilst they walk away. Our ancestors suffered for fair courts and our military fights for our freedom every day. We must reclaim the courts for the people.

Help Meigs Force Accountability! Stop Mediation Abuse! Protect the Public!

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